How Recognition Drives Employee Engagement

Upcoming Webinar - March 1, 2018
By: HRE Editorial

Webinar Date: March 1, 2018

The Harvard Business Review has cited “recognition given for high performance” as the most impactful driver of employee engagement and The Aberdeen Group has found the No. 1 way best-in-class organizations improve employee engagement is through employee-recognition programs. Meanwhile, most employees today feel overworked and underappreciated and are less valued and more stressed for their efforts than ever before.

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Drawing from his most recent book, Recognizing & Engaging Employees For Dummies, Bob Nelson, Ph.D, will help you understand the link between employee recognition and engagement and how to make that connection in your organization—even with limited time, resources or budget. This webinar will focus on core researched-based elements found in strong cultures of recognition and engagement that inspire employees to new levels of performance and help to create an exciting, positive work environment with a strong competitive people advantage for the organization. Based on the latest engagement research, Dr. Nelson will explore six dimensions (vision, recognition, communication, initiative, autonomy and development), sharing real-world examples managers and organizations can implement to create a more motivating work environment for their employees today.

Bonus: The first 50 registrants will receive a complimentary autographed copy of Dr. Nelson latest book: Recognizing & Engaging Employees For Dummies.

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