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Is Short Learning Enough?
There are hundreds of places to find quick bites of learning online, and that's appealing to time-crunched staffs. But how short is too short to ensure learning is retained and, most importantly, applied?
Getting Schooled
Just as the increasingly sophisticated nature of many jobs makes education more important than ever, a recent survey finds that 41 percent of employers are sending current workers back to school to get advanced degrees, with some even offering to foot the tuition bill.
United Has a Culture Problem
Until United CEO Oscar Munoz fixes vital aspects of United's corporate culture, expect to see more negative viral videos and tweet storms about the airline.
What Job Switchers Want
The most recent survey on what workers really want changes the discourse slightly, making the top reason for leaving a company the need to pursue a more challenging position or assignment.
Who Owns Innovation?
While recent surveys show a disconnect between employers and employees regarding innovation, experts say the onus is on both parties to drive creativity.
Promotion or Pay Raise?
A recent survey finds a majority of professionals want a promotion over a pay raise, but experts differ on whether that's actually the case.
Planting the Seeds of STEM
GE's Brilliant Career Lab puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of tomorrow's workforce.
Is L&D Function Still Valuable?
The idea of elevating the learning-and-development function in a company may seem like an impossible task, but here are some ways to get started down that path.
The Trouble with Diversity Training
New research finds mandatory diversity training sends the wrong message to employees. Instead, experts urge HR leaders to make such training voluntary, and to take different approaches such as integrating diversity-related content into existing programs.
3 Ways to Keep Pace as Boomers Retire
Baby-boomer retirement has changed the face of the American workforce. And as aging employees retire -- more and more of them every day -- someone needs to fill their shoes. What is your organization doing to ensure the right people are being prepared to take their place?
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Talent Management Column

Recent advances in technology have made some HR tasks easier while making others infinitely more complex. So how will these digital transformations change organizations and the workplace?