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Targeting Low Performers
Amazon recently rolled out a new program aimed at its lowest-performing employees, but some experts think the bulk of HR's attention should be paid to high-performing workers.
Promotion or Pay Raise?
A recent survey finds a majority of professionals want a promotion over a pay raise, but experts differ on whether that's actually the case.
6 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement
Here's how HR professionals can ensure engagement becomes a personal experience for employees while also creating a work environment that fosters highly engaged workers.
Tech and PM Reviews
Performance reviews aren't disappearing anytime soon, so how can technology make the process more useful for both sides of the conversation?
Hidden Benefits of Wellness Programs
Instead of simply focusing on dollars saved and pounds lost, a new study suggests HR professionals should expand their focus on weight-management programs to see how they can impact other critical factors such as employee engagement and retention.
Evaluating Performance Ratings
Recent studies show that fewer companies are using employee rankings to determine salary increases, and more companies are moving toward eliminating annual performance reviews. Experts share new ways of rating employees' performances.
5 Conversations Every Manager Needs to Have
As companies shift toward a mindset of more frequent dialogue with -- and feedback from -- employees, here are five conversation models for managing ongoing performance development.
Harnessing the 'Spillover' Effect
New research finds bottom-line benefits when organizations spend time carefully considering which employees should sit near each other. But experts warn that the "peer spillover" effect can also have negative consequences.
The Perils of After-Hours Email
While it may be part of the culture at some organizations for workers to respond to work emails after hours, the practice blurs the line on the work day and may also have harmful effects on employees, according to new research.
Bringing Out the Best in Teams
Specialized military units offer lessons on the importance of choosing and coaching team members, given the "complex and chaotic problem sets" found on both the battlefield and in the boardroom.
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Talent Management Column

While the Lean In approach calls for women to push more often for higher salaries, new research finds women are actually more economically rational about when to negotiate than men.
Stuck in Reality Dec 21, 2016