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The Language of Job Listings
A recent analysis finds job listings for many of the fastest-growing roles and industries use predominantly "female" language that deters men from applying and thus limits the candidate pool. What can HR do to prevent gender bias -- conscious or unconscious -- in job descriptions?
Responding to Changing Times
President Trump's executive orders have inspired many companies to respond in a public way, highlighting an opportunity for employers to tout their benefits programs as differentiators in a crowded market for talent.
Hanging Up on On-Call Scheduling
Having employees call in to find out whether they have to work that day may be on the way out as a scheduling practice, but industry observers still are concerned that legislation may make it even more difficult to preserve flexible scheduling for retailers and other service-intensive sectors.
Giving Them a Chance
Ford Motor Co. has joined the growing list of companies that are actively seeking to hire people with autism.
Committing to Gender Pay Equity
More than 100 employers have signed on to the White House Equal Pay Pledge, but will it actually move the needle on the issue?
Beyond the Resume
Coding competitions can help companies find talented software engineers and programmers who would otherwise be screened out by the traditional hiring process.
The Year in Gender Diversity
While a woman may not have made her way into the White House, I believe 2016 was actually a pretty good year for gender diversity in corporate America. If nothing else, workplace gender diversity has been highly topical this year.
Planting the Seeds of STEM
GE's Brilliant Career Lab puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of tomorrow's workforce.
New Approach to Age Bias
Study finds implementing mature-age practices the best means of engaging older workers and reducing stereotype threats, yet too few employers are adopting them.
Returning Talent
In the coming years, experts say retirees returning to the workplace will play a greater role as they live healthier and longer, grow more tech-savvy and become better equipped to work in a gig economy.
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While the Lean In approach calls for women to push more often for higher salaries, new research finds women are actually more economically rational about when to negotiate than men.
Stuck in Reality Dec 21, 2016