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Applying the
Rooney Rule
Taking a page from the National Football League's head coach-hiring playbook is how one law firm increased the diversity in its labor and employment associate-attorney ranks from 34 percent to 58 percent in just one year.
Google's Firing Line
Experts weigh in on whether the tech giant made the right choice in firing the engineer who wrote what many considered to be an anti-diversity internal memo.
Salary History: To Ask or Not to Ask?
A new Glassdoor survey finds many job candidates don't want to be asked about their pay in past positions, and some cities and states have passed laws prohibiting such queries. Legality aside, what sort of value does asking questions about salary history add to the hiring process?
Going Agile
The agile approach to management uses teams to work through a process designed to respond to unpredictability. This new concept, however, will require organizations to adopt a new set of people-management practices, experts say.
Getting Under Employees' Skin
A few innovative tech companies have begun implanting microchips into willing workers. Will this trend catch on in other industries and eventually replace the employee ID badge?
4 Ways HR Can Accomplish More with Less
Here are four technology-related best practices that HR teams should keep in mind as they seek to accomplish more with less throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle.
Cultivating Passion
Engagement can be a problem at all levels of the organization -- and senior management is no exception, according to a new study.
Air Quality Matters
As new research uncovers the bottom-line benefits of clean air in the workplace, experts say the time is right for HR to make the argument that the benefits of providing a healthy indoor environment far outweigh the incremental costs.
Is Your Culture Working For or Against You?
Today's leaders face a new era of corporate reputational risk from both inside and outside their walls, making it more important than ever to articulate and embed a shared purpose and set of values that will serve as a guiding light during troubled times.
A Bipartisan Skills Bill
A bill now working its way through Congress is a strong example of how work and education need to be closely entwined, experts say.
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Recent advances in technology have made some HR tasks easier while making others infinitely more complex. So how will these digital transformations change organizations and the workplace?