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What's Coming Next in HR Tech
Look for voice-activated workplace apps, a variety of AI-aided systems and sprint-speed project trials and launches to soon enter the workplace, according to experts at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.
Six Principles for Innovation
Former Google CHRO Laszlo Bock shared six steps for fostering innovation during his opening keynote address at the 2017 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.
Failure to Engage
Although engagement levels among male and female employees appear to be similar, a deeper dive reveals some troubling findings.
Expanding In-Person Interviews
In compliance with a recent executive order, USCIS will soon increase in-person interview requirements for certain employment-based immigration benefit applicants. Experts say this new mandate will only prolong an already-lengthy hiring process for companies hiring individuals from outside the United States.
Paying PTO Forward
A new survey finds more than one-quarter of companies saying they allow employees to donate paid time off to their colleagues. Experts see plenty of positives in leave donation programs, but urge HR leaders to consider a variety of factors in implementing such policies.
Leadership Lapses
After a high-profile blunder, is it possible for a company to signal to its constituencies that it is taking appropriate corrective action without firing the employee?
The OT Rule: Now What?
HRE spoke with a former acting administrator of the Department of Labor's wage and hour division to find out how HR leaders should proceed after a federal court judge struck down the Obama-era overtime rule.
Using Data to Break Barriers
With the upcoming release of a recruitment barriers analysis tool, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives HR a new way to evaluate the employment life cycle for potential barriers.
Targeting Toxic Environments
A recent study finds antagonistic behavior persisting in the workplace, with 20 percent of employees saying they've been subjected to a hostile or threatening social environment at work in the past year. What can HR do to curb this conduct?
Bringing Predictability to Scheduling
Seeking to protect workers from unpredictable scheduling practices, Oregon becomes the first state to pass "fair workweek" legislation. Critics of the law say government-mandated solutions "ignore the realities" of what it takes to run a business.
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