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Air Quality Matters
As new research uncovers the bottom-line benefits of clean air in the workplace, experts say the time is right for HR to make the argument that the benefits far outweigh the incremental costs of providing a healthy indoor environment.
The Age of Ambiguity
A new Littler survey finds employers and HR faced with growing uncertainty as they attempt to make sense of a "tangled web of federal, state and local laws."
Lost in the Numbers
HR leaders need to be careful when trying to build algorithms that encourage diversity in the workplace, because currently there isn't even agreement in the field about exactly what diversity is.
A Bipartisan Skills Bill
A bill now working its way through Congress is a strong example of how work and education need to be closely entwined, experts say.
Virtual Workers,
Real Engagement
A new Gallup study reveals that workers who spend a few days away from the office report being more engaged than those who do not work remotely. Experts say the right blend of virtual and in-office work options is critical for engagement efforts to work.
Production Over Safety?
A new survey uncovers employees' disturbing perceptions about job safety. What can HR do to ensure productivity and safety are equally balanced in the workplace?
Accommodating Anxiety
As employers seek new ways to connect workers with the mental-health help they need, experts discuss possible workplace issues and some accommodations associated with depression and anxiety.
The Other Pay Gap
The gap in pay between the private and public sectors can be bridged, experts say, by changing to a more market-based federal pay system.
A Look at Trump's Labor Department
New Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta looks more business-friendly than his predecessor, experts say. But employers shouldn't take anything for granted. For example, the fate of a controversial Obama proposal on overtime pay is still in limbo.
Making Harassment Hotlines Work
In its initial defense of the beleaguered Bill O'Reilly, Fox News maintained that not one of his accusers used the company's harassment hotline to make claims against O'Reilly. Experts say the Fox case holds lessons in how to ensure HR hotlines do what they were designed to do.
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