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ADP Buys Something Really Cool
Is your HR department still fretting and fussing for the third year over re-inventing the dreaded annual performance review with its numerical rankings? And has its two-year hysteria eased over low employee engagement, and how to measure it, let alone raise it? Well, all that time The Marcus Buckingham Co. has had some clever solutions and now ADP owns it.
Imagine Chasing Taleo for 18 Years
Recruitsoft, Taleo, Oracle Recruitment -- it's had several names -- but that recruiting software has been the favorite of large company multinationals for years. Many competitors under various leaders have butted up against its brick wall. But for 18 years, only one company run by one man has consistently tried to be Avis to Taleo's Hertz -- iCIMS. Can it possibly become No. 1?
Who is the Fifth Largest HCM Vendor?
ADP has long (and justifiably) complained about being the fourth after our Big Three HCM vendors. Are you surprised to learn that Kronos follows them as the fifth? After making its bones building and renting time clocks, that's a difficult transition to make, especially changing public perception. But in more than annual revenue, Kronos has finally done it, and here's how.
Oracle Keeps on Innovating
This marks the end of my three-month cycle examining the new-product innovations of the Big Three HCM vendors. With reports of 1,300 signed HCM clients in the cloud (as of last June), Oracle is in a virtual dead heat on that basis with Workday and SAP SuccessFactors. Here are the latest details of what its customers and prospects are getting and can expect.
Workday Puts on the Brass Knuckles
Even private presentations from the Big Three HCM vendors used to be gentlemanly affairs: never naming, let alone bad-mouthing, the competition. That's been changing lately, but now, fougeddaboutit! At its September user conference, Workday beat up the competition for hours in front of the Wall Street analysts. Right after announcing three major new products!
SAP SuccessFactors' Next Act
Despite losing its brilliant head of products, Dmitri Krakovsky, to Google about 10 months ago, SAP SuccessFactors continues to build out Dmitri's road map of new products without him and come up with new surprises covering the entire employee lifecycle.
Read This Book!
Get to know Vinnie Mirchandani, with 30+ years of experience in our world. Vinnie now churns out inexpensive books (rather than pricey analyst reports) based on extensive interviews and analysis. His sixth book, Silicon Collar, is a Renaissance man's view of automation in the workplace, bringing rare historical perspective and balance to the cry: "The robots are coming!"
New Intel for Talent Acquisition!
Baby Boomers like me, after decades of following HCM, have been worrying about where the new analyst talent is coming from. Particularly when the "dark side" (aka vendors) often pay those smart people more money. Happily, there are "Three in Their Thirties" going at it in Talent Acquisition with already solid results. And you can get some of their content for free!
Great News: LinkedIn Gets Bought
Normally when a giant company such as Microsoft buys an application I actually depend on to get my work done (such as Skype), I shudder and fret about what will happen. But LinkedIn has been so wrong-headed for so long that I clicked my heels upon hearing the news.
Finally, Cornerstone Adds Core
For years, experts have been waiting for Cornerstone, the leading provider of a talent-management-only suite, to build an HRMS, or Core HR, to create a unified system. With eyes firmly on SAP SuccessFactors, which did the same thing five years ago, the company has finally announced its plans, but just as the game could already be changing!
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