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A Question of Trust
Trust in the foundational institutions of our lives is at an all-time low, according to recent reports. So why should HR executives care about whether workers trust their employers?
Caught in the Middle
With a swiftly changing business environment, HR executives need to remember their role in helping people and organizations survive and thrive despite disruptions.
A 'Super' Lesson on Resiliency
As the New England Patriots recently demonstrated in their comeback win in the Super Bowl, the capacity to recover quickly from failure and difficulties is an important trait for all leaders, including CHROs and the people they support.
HR and Fake News
Some HR professionals are practicing HR based on hearsay or what's been done before -- which may be the equivalent of "fake news." Turning this around requires more diligent recruiting and questioning about practices that are in place.
The Trump Effect
While a Trump presidency will inevitably have a noticeable impact on employment and labor policy, HR leaders shouldn't be tempted to make changes just because a new administration says it's legal to now do so.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Before deciding whether to stick it out in an unsatisfying job or explore available options, here are some important questions you might want to ask yourself first.
Discovery and Disclosure
The presidential race has brought a focus on the medical histories of the candidates to the national forefront. But what's the responsibility of a CHRO when questions arise about a CEO's health?
Ringing the Bell for Pay Equity
The Massachusetts legislature's new pay-equity law attempts to define what constitutes "comparable work" and allows employees to discuss their salaries with other workers without facing retribution from their employers. Will other states follow suit?
Drawing Lessons from the VW Debacle
Before you shake your head in disbelief at how badly scandal-damaged Volkswagen must have been managed, you might want to first ask yourself a few questions to ensure that your organization has the mechanisms in place to avoid a similar fiasco.
Teaching Civility to Dampen Volatility
Lessons in civility seem to be in high demand this election season. Are they necessary to keep the peace in the workplace too?
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