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5 Ways to Address Negative Social Media
An employee has just sent out an inflammatory social-media message, offending business patrons who now demand that you either "take action" or else endure an online shaming. Here are five possible strategies for an HR response.
HR's Immigration Concerns
As the Trump administration attempts to fulfill campaign promises on immigration, employment-law experts say employers need to explore other ways to get the talent they need.
Preventing Pregnancy Discrimination
Rooms to Go Furniture was recently ordered to provide relief in a lawsuit that experts say is a case study in how not to handle accommodations for pregnant employees.
Salary-History Bans Expanding
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh just became the latest U.S. cities to ban employers from asking job applicants about their salary histories. Experts weigh in on the impact of such bans on employers and pay equality.
Little Movement on Maternity Leave
New research shows the percentage of women taking maternity leave has stagnated over the past 20-plus years. What can HR do to get that number moving in the right direction?
An Immigrant Exodus?
The Trump administration has set its sights on changes to H-1B visas, as well as to other temporary work permits for professionals in specialized areas. Reducing or eliminating them would have a great effect on the tech sector and the way it has traditionally structured its business.
More Focus on Ethics, Less on Checklists
When it comes to business ethics, experts say HR leaders need to do a better job managing both employee behavior and their company's corporate culture, rather than simply relying on a check-the-box approach to the issue.
The NLRB's (Slow) Right Turn
Employers now have an expectation that corrections will be made to bring sanity and predictability back to the National Labor Relations Board after eight years under the Obama administration. But change will take time.
In Good Hands
Employment-law experts praise Phil Miscimarra and Victoria Lipnic, President Trump's recent choices to lead the nation's top employment-compliance agencies.
What to Know About Sponsoring Foreign Nationals
President Donald Trump is moving quickly on his promise to reform American immigration laws. His next target will be employment-based visas and here's what HR leaders need to know.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: Can you give us a primer on the similarities and differences of employment-law process and practice when it comes to claims before the New York State Human Rights Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Can you also explain how these processes are different when we are dealing with discrimination cases that are in federal court?