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A Legislative Victory for Employers
A coalition of business groups can savor -- for now -- the demise of a proposal in Congress to cap long-established health-insurance tax exemptions worth billions of dollars annually to employers and employees.
Google's Firing Line
Experts weigh in on whether the tech giant made the right choice in firing the engineer who wrote what many considered to be an anti-diversity internal memo.
Challenging the Transgender Ban
The Trump administration's recent rollback of Obama-era sexual orientation and transgender policies has led to litigation claiming violations of due process and equal protection rights.
In the Concealed-Carry Crosshairs
As it has become easier for Americans to carry concealed weapons in public, employers must walk a fine line between protecting the workplace and respecting workers' Second Amendment rights.
NLRB Swings Right
The National Labor Relations Board, soon to be under GOP control, should deliver a measure of certainty and finality, according to pro-employer groups. But it won't happen overnight.
Getting Under Employees' Skin
A few innovative tech companies have begun implanting microchips into willing workers. Will this trend catch on in other industries and eventually replace the employee ID badge?
'Ambush' Election Rule Under Fire
A bill that would ultimately undo the "ambush" election rule seems poised to pass, which experts say would provide employers with more time to make the case against unionization.
Looking Ahead at the EEOC
Issues of equal pay, harassment, age discrimination and pregnancy discrimination are all squarely on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's radar, says Acting Chair Victoria Lipnic in a new interview.
Is the Persuader Rule in Peril?
The Department of Labor recently issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would formally rescind the Obama administration's so-called persuader rule. Experts predict that the rule's rescission is likely, saying it would take some of the guesswork out of employers' reporting requirements.
The ADEA at 50
As the Age Discrimination in Employment Act turns 50, experts analyze how it has affected the workplace in the last half-century, and what employers can do to ensure equitable treatment of older workers going forward.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: I just started at a new company and they have many more leave policies than the small organization where I used to work. I'm really confused with how all these policies interact: short-term disability, long-term disability, FMLA leave, etc. Can you explain what each of these policies are and how they are typically implemented? Do they run together? Do employees get paid while on each of these leaves?