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Behavioral Health
Goes Mobile
Recent research finds employers are focusing more closely on helping employees manage their mental-health needs, and are turning to technology to aid in that effort.
Creating a Culture of Health
First-day sessions at this year's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference stressed the importance of focusing on creating an environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors without trying to force change upon them.
Seeking FMLA Assistance
With a new study finding that more employers are opting to outsource FMLA management, experts offer HR leaders advice on what to consider before looking outside for help with handling leave requests.
Pulling the Plug on Lifetime Benefits
After a court ruled that Honeywell wrongly denied lifetime healthcare benefits to some retirees, experts say employers should think twice before attempting to end similar programs.
Making Unlimited Vacation Work
If work/life balance is as big a conundrum as ever, giving workers more control over vacation is often seen as a big part of the solution. Some employers are beginning to grant unlimited vacation and sick time, and the results are surprising.
Measuring Wellbeing Analytics' Impact
HR leaders have long understood the linkage between healthier employees and critical business outcomes such as productivity, engagement and retention, but the proof has historically been qualitative. When it comes to organizational health, they've been forced to ponder: Does wellbeing really matter?
Hidden Benefits of Wellness Programs
Instead of simply focusing on dollars saved and pounds lost, a new study suggests HR professionals should expand their focus on weight-management programs to see how they can impact other critical factors such as employee engagement and retention.
Advances in Autism Awareness
With autism diagnoses on the rise, employers are expanding benefits offerings to help families struggling with the disorder.
Is Starbucks Leading or Following?
The coffee retailer recently moved 160,000 workers to a private health-insurance exchange, following a similar move by a few other high-profile organizations. But why haven't more companies embraced the new exchange model?
Reappraising Wellness Programs
New Society for Human Resource Management research finds most employers offering roughly the same amount of benefits as in past years, but also sees some companies stepping back to reassess the utility of certain health- and wellness-related benefits.
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Benefits Column

Five years ago, when HRE was celebrating its 25th anniversary, workplace flexibility was not nearly as paramount to employers as it is today.
Flexing the Workplace Mar 6, 2017