HR and 'Always On' Transformation
A new report finds CHROs have a significant role to play in helping CEOs adapt to a new style of leading.
Language Matters in Job Listings
In the New York Times this week, Claire Cain Miller wonders why more unemployed men aren’t going after jobs in the industries that are growing the most, such as healthcare.
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HR Leadership

Some HR professionals are practicing HR based on hearsay or what's been done before -- which may be the equivalent of "fake news." Turning this around requires more diligent recruiting and questioning about practices that are in place.
The Trump Effect Nov 21, 2016

Inside HR Tech

From artificial intelligence to improving the employee experience, here's an early look at five major themes that will influence HR technology in 2017.
A Powerful Combo Nov 22, 2016


A conversation with a group of high-performing undergraduates underscores the need for employers and HR to more effectively personalize the value of their healthcare offerings when speaking to first-time employees.

HR Technology

Recruitsoft, Taleo, Oracle Recruitment -- it's had several names -- but that recruiting software has been the favorite of large company multinationals for years. Many competitors under various leaders have butted up against its brick wall. But for 18 years, only one company run by one man has consistently tried to be Avis to Taleo's Hertz -- iCIMS. Can it possibly become No. 1?

Talent Management

Two new publications shed light on why the prospects for game-changing innovation aren't as good as many might like to think.

Legal Clinic

Question: Can you give us a primer on the similarities and differences of employment-law process and practice when it comes to claims before the New York State Human Rights Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Can you also explain how these processes are different when we are dealing with discrimination cases that are in federal court?
Understanding the Revised I-9 Form
For employers of foreign national employees that may be subject to increased worksite inspections and I-9 enforcement during the Trump administration, understanding policy changes and ensuring ongoing compliance is critical. This article discusses the specific changes to Form I-9 and how employers can prepare for increased scrutiny.
The Year in Gender Diversity
While a woman may not have made her way into the White House, I believe 2016 was actually a pretty good year for gender diversity in corporate America. If nothing else, workplace gender diversity has been highly topical this year.
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